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Webex enables Facebook and the United States Golf Association to thrive in a challenging year

When the pandemic struck this year, every organization faced unprecedented challenges. The successful ones used technology in new ways — especially collaboration technologies. Facebook and the United States Golf Association (USGA) were two that adapted quickly — and thrived.

This was highlighted at Cisco’s Webex One event last week, in a roundtable discussion titled “the Power of Connectivity.” Moderated by Scott Edwards, head of Webex Storytelling at Cisco Collaboration, it featured Navin Singh, chief commercial officer with the USGA, and Nazareth Vartanian, Facebook’s director of global engineering and operations.

Both companies depended on Webex and other Cisco technologies for reliable, secure connections as the future of work arrived seemingly overnight. So, both leaders had plenty of insights into their successes and challenges in 2020.

Spectators, players, and media, connected by Webex

Cisco is the USGA’s official technology partner, and the organization counted on Cisco technologies to keep fans, the media, and partners connected — while creating safe, spectator-free championships.

Singh began by sharing some thoughts on the importance of the Cisco partnership and how it’s evolved during these challenging times. Whereas Webex was once seen as a tool to connect employees, its role has grown immeasurably for events like the U.S. Open, which this year had few live spectators.

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