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Cisco study highlights what works — and what doesn’t — in security

Nather was discussing Cisco’s global 2021 Security Outcomes Study, which was at the center of a security roundtable discussion on Dec. 1.

Based on a double-blind survey of more than 4,800 active IT, security, and privacy professionals across 25 countries and multiple industries, the study correlates 25 key security practices with 11 desired outcomes.

Refreshed and integrated: top tech strategies for the new year

Their instincts were supported by the survey results, which showed that ​security teams that proactively refresh their technology, as well as integrate their tools, have the most success across the board, including significantly improving their risk posture.

“How do you maintain your technology?” asked Baker. “Do you only fix it when it’s broken or do you proactively upgrade and seek best-of-breed, newer, modern technology as part of your infrastructure?

Security’s secret weapons: culture, leadership, and diversity

It's not enough for you to unilaterally say, ‘well, I think this thing is important, therefore I'll protect it,’ but not contemplate the role of that asset or business process in how the company is operating or how it services customers.”

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