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The growing value of subscription software

There was a time, not all that long ago, when across all forms of IT, hardware and software were inexorably linked.

While hardware remains important, a subscription-based approach to new software capabilities is now a driving force for innovation and is likely to only accelerate now in the pandemic era.

Cisco's path to subscription-based software

Moving to a subscription-based approach for features has been part of multi-year process that stretches back to at least 2014 with the release of Cisco ONE, which was a key step in disaggregating software from hardware.

DNA feature evolution

Since the initial deployment of Cisco DNA in 2018, there has been a steady cadence of feature updates for both wired and wireless networks. Among the first updates to Cisco DNA was the integration of artificial intelligence features including AI-driven baselining and network analytics.

It's all fun and games with DNA at Sega Sammy

Among the organizations that have embraced the DNA subscription model is the Sega Sammy Group based in Tokyo, Japan. Sega Sammy Group is an entertainment company that builds amusement devices and includes the Sega Group’s digital game business at its core.

In 2018, Sega Sammy began a consolidation effort to bring together its operations into a new head office in Osaki area in Shinagawa Ward Tokyo.

The world is their oyster

Taking a subscription-based approach with DNA is also a big help for the CTTI (Center for Telecommunications and Information Technologies), a division of the Government of Catalonia in Spain. CTTI has a campus network with over 2,600 users and supports over 7 million residents.

"This software-based solution opens up new possibilities," commented Ester Manzano Peláez, Director General of Digital Administration for the Government of Catalonia.

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