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How Cisco and Riot Games delivered a flawless, tech-hungry, global esports event

Riot Games just wrapped up their biggest esports competition ever—the 2020 League of Legends (LoL) World Championship Final. League of Legends is the #1 PC game in the world— and with a whopping 115 million monthly players and hundreds of millions of loyal viewers around the globe, the 2020 event was unlike any other.

Cisco has partnered with Riot Games to become the Official Enterprise Networking Partner of LoL Esports, and it’s clear that they trust Cisco to deliver to their millions of highly engaged and technical fans. Cisco is working with Riot to propel LoL into the next decade of esports.

Brave new Worlds

In previous years, Riot Games’ Head of Esports Technology group Scott Adametz says that there are usually 1,300 Riot staff onsite at the World Championship Finals. This colossal lift was already a feat to accomplish in-person, so this year’s virtual Worlds brought a whole new set of challenges —Riot had about 75% less staff on site to produce the entire show.

Looking to the future of esports

Cisco is proud to partner with Riot Games to help make the 2020 League of Legends World Championship Finals a reality and a success. Cisco’s networking backbone was able to deliver over 3.2 petabytes of mission-critical production data (1 petabyte is about the same as 1,000 terabytes!). When Riot needed an entirely global, virtual event over five weeks, Cisco’s network was able to be the bridge to get them there.

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