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In a fast-changing world, IT agility rules

“Changes are more unpredictable and faster than ever before,” Oliver Tuszik, Cisco’s SVP for global partner organization, said at the company’s Partner Summit event last week. “And this can have a massive impact on your competitive situation. Agility is key to allow you to stay relevant.” Being ready for an unpredictable future — and responding to change with speed, agility, and resilience — was a critical theme for the event.

But preparing for the next challenge or opportunity means adopting technology that enables that agility, along with ease of use and simplicity — even in a complex, multicloud environment.

IT’s new ‘superpower’

All of the technologies discussed at Partner Summit support the key goals of providing agility, speed, and resilience to customers in a cloud-first world — not to mention, an uncertain world, as we’ve seen throughout the pandemic.

Not just now through this change, but for years to come. The new measure by which technology groups will hold themselves is agility. That's why we've been talking so much about agility being the new superpower for IT.

An agile platform strategy

Cisco can help by delivering automation and insights through a focused set of agile platforms. This creates a simpler environment, and with greater simplicity comes increased agility and faster speeds.

“I’m talking about being able to transform your infrastructure with the click of a button,” Nightingale said, “We’re going to be delivering insights and automation and best-in-class agility through a platform strategy at Cisco

Delighting customers — all customers

As Patel said, Cisco strives to make every experience 10x better, and the company is turning to emerging technologies to make it happen.

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Agility is the new IT superpower


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Todd Nightingale, SVP & GM of Enterprise Networking & Cloud, talks about how Cisco’s new platform solutions will drive agility and unlock the power of insights and automation. Learn more at

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