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Cisco’s best security practices for WFH

The rapid shift to work-from-home this year has left many businesses with a larger remote workforce than they have ever had to handle. More employees are away from the offices’ enterprise security while still using collaboration tools, which means they could be accessing company data from unsecured home networks. The trend of working from home could be here to stay, so it’s crucial to find a way for users to acquire resources from remote locations while also being defended from threats while on or off the network. It’s for these reasons and more that cybersecurity must be top of mind for both users and IT admins. Everyone has a role to play in keeping the organization secure!

Employees are now connecting to corporate resources with more personal, unmanaged devices, creating a blind spot for security teams. According to Cisco’s Future of Secure Remote Work Report, conducted during COVID-19, one in two IT-decision makers stated that office laptops/desktops (56%) and personal devices (54%) are a challenge to protect in a remote environment.

Admins As Duo GM and co-founder Dug Song says, security is a cultural commitment that needs to be foundational at an organization- this means that everyone is on the same team and each employee is responsible for their role in keeping things secure.

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