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UK youth use photography to express their lockdown emotions

After months of shelter-in-place which involved disruption of social and educational activity, the results of the global pandemic has impacted children around the world.

In June, child psychologists in the UK sent an open letter to British Parliament’s Education Secretary Gavin Williamson stating that isolation from the lockdown has been detrimental to vulnerable youth.

[Show__&__Tell], a revolutionary photography initiative sponsored by Cisco and run by non-profit organization, The Photography Movement, is one program designed to give the UK’s youth an outlet to express their emotions through photography.

Cisco’s priority of mental health

Recently, Cisco Canada announced a successful expansion of virtual care with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) to meet the growing demand of mental health services in the country. Webex has been deployed throughout the organization, helping train more than 400 CAMH clinicians and delivering care with more than 1,500 virtual visits in April.

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Increasing access to mental health with Webex


Jun 23, 2020 by Cisco


Cisco is proud to have partners like CAMH that share our vision of increasing access to mental healthcare. Learn more at