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15 years of Bugatti Veyron – how it all began.

The idea – an extraordinary engine

There was just the outline of an idea at first: the engine had to be powerful, surpassing anything else in existence. As an engineer and passionate engine developer, Ferdinand Piëch viewed the engine as the central element of the car, its beating heart. The ardent car lover designed an 18-cylinder engine from three VR6 cylinder banks, offset by 60 degrees to each other. An ideal engine for superior coupés and luxury saloon cars.

The ideas of the outstanding engineer Ferdinand Piëch in 1997 were a testament to a brilliant mind. As well as his incredible concept of a powerful engine, he was also the driving force behind the resurrection of the Bugatti brand at its original site, the French city of Molsheim, says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti.

Purchase of the Bugatti brand

When Piëch heard during his Easter vacation on Majorca in 1998, that BMW would win the bidding for the name rights against VW, his son Gregor adamantly insisted to buy him a model car version of a Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic and thus guided his father to the solution.“An amusing stroke of fate,” Piëch wrote later in his book Auto.Biographie. Piëch bought himself a second Bugatti model car and presented it to Jens Neumann, then Member of the Executive Board for Group Strategy, Treasury, Legal and Organisation at the first board meeting after his Easter holiday – with request to check the rights of the French brand and purchase them if possible.

Apart from Ferdinand Piëch, probably only Ettore Bugatti would have been daring enough to build this engine. Piëch made his move in 1998 after brief negotiations in which VW secured the brand rights for Bugatti, which were up for sale. It became the super sports car of the decade and marked the renaissance of Bugatti.

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