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Bugatti Legends Type 41 La Royale

With a price of at least 100,000 Reichsmarks, it was around three times as expensive as similar limousines from other manufacturers and exceeded the price of other Bugatti vehicles about 10 times. As was customary at the time, independent and famous body construction companies such as Kellern & Cie, Weymann, Binder, Bugatti, Weinberger and Park Ward took care of the set up. Company founder Ettore Bugatti invested a lot of time and money into the development and went all in.

Aircraft Engine as a Blueprint for the Royale Drive

Everything about the vehicle was unique: an aircraft engine that company founder Ettore Bugatti designed in 1927 on behalf of the French government served as blueprint for the drive - at that time with a displacement of 14.7 litres and 300 hp. Under the long hood, a 12.8 litre inline eight cylinder worked in the production vehicles, also with about 300 hp. A dry sump lubrication system pumped 23 litres of oil to the required points, 43 litres of coolant oil kept the temperature in balance. The extraordinary drive needed space; to open the bonnet, two fitters were needed to unlock and fold up the extra-long bonnet.

A multi-plate dry clutch that was shifted via a three-speed gearbox transmitted the power to the rear wheels. Solid alloy wheels with slots ensured that the large brake drums did not overheat. The 200 litre tank ensured enough range.

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