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Coachbuilding – Bugatti's extraordinary hyper sports car

Bugatti vehicles are individual masterpieces

The cost of small series and one-off vehicles is a challenge even for an exclusive manufacturer like Bugatti But we’re happy to take on this challenge because we aspire to offer our customers very distinctive hyper sports cars, says Pierre Rommelfanger, responsible for special projects at Bugatti. The 42-year-old has been working for Bugatti as head of “one of/few of” projects for 14 years, with breaks: he oversees the special vehicles from the initial idea through to presentation.

We essentially develop an idea of the statement we want to make with a particularly exclusive model, then we create an initial design concept and present it to some customers in order to test their reaction, says Rommelfanger. As in the case of the Divo1, this might be a vehicle with a modified character for outstanding lateral acceleration, thereby further honing the core Bugatti properties of quality, performance and design. Or vehicles that invoke and reinterpret models from Bugatti's rich history, such as the La Voiture Noire1 and the Centodieci1.

Coachbuilding allows even greater vehicle customisation

In terms of coachbuilding, Pierre Rommelfanger and his team opt for clear visual and technical differentiation from the production model Chiron2, even though the Chiron2 itself is far from being a regular series-production car, being limited to just 500 vehicles. Within the company’s lean and fast-reacting organisation, up to 20 employees are responsible for the particularly rare vehicles and report directly to Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann on a regular basis.

Extensive body optimisations have changed the character of this vehicle, making it a hyper sports car built for corners. “The Divo1 performs much better than the Chiron2 in terms of lateral acceleration, agility and cornering response,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti.

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