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Frank Heyl – the man behind the design of the Super Sport 300+

The 41-year-old graduated in vehicle design from the Royal College of Art in London and worked at various manufacturers before kickstarting his career at Bugatti in 2008. At Bugatti he was involved in the design of vehicles including the Veyron Supersport, Vision Gran Turismo, Chiron1 and Divo2. He takes a creative and dynamic time out several times a year, taking it to the limit on track days in his spare time.

Heyl develops the world’s fastest cars

“I might not be a racing driver, but I like to drive fast and take the vehicle to the limit. We all know that the race track is the best place for that.” Heyl’s day job is developing the world’s fastest cars.

Just like at work: Heyl will spend months refining every last detail until he has perfectly implemented his ideas – making them just right. Instead of using ventilation holes for the engine, Heyl designed a dual-shell boot lid featuring a sandwich-design air guide element that only opens once the vehicle is in motion to extract hot engine air from the engine compartment towards the rear without having to create additional ventilation holes. “These would have otherwise spoiled the look of the rear, I didn’t like that,” he says. “Every day I am thrilled to work on achieving these objectives and making the cars even better,” Heyl explains.

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