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Full charge.

For customers, charging and refuelling are a necessity: you do it to keep your car running. For carmakers they hardly seem to offer much opportunity for a USP: after all, a plug has to fit a socket just like a nozzle does a fuel tank – it’s what the customer expects. Understandably, however, customers are not all that interested in the details of setting up and operating the charging infrastructure.

To meet this challenge, two solutions have been developed – BMW Charging and MINI Charging – which are already serving customers with a total of approx. Without a doubt, the most common scenario is charging from home, as that’s where the car is regularly parked for longer periods – overnight, for example. Far more, customers can benefit from the suite of Charge at Home services, ranging from installation of the various wallboxes to payment options for charging company cars at home or integrating private cars into home energy management systems.

In European cities especially, which have grown over the centuries and have high population densities, car owners rarely have their own parking spot, which in turn means no private charging solution. So to make electric mobility a realistic alternative for them as well, the company is involved in projects and consortiums in various cities to develop the public charging infrastructure for on-street parkers – because no matter how good the product offering, without proper solutions, electromobility will remain a huge compromise for these people. The BMW Group’s own studies indicate that a critical mass of between 0.5 and 1 public charging stations are needed per 100 inhabitants in cities.

Another key place where cars could regularly be charged is at work. By 2021, the BMW Group will install more than 4,100 charging points for associates to use at the parking facilities of its various German sites.

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