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FIZ NORD INNOVATIONS: Eight groundbreaking innovations – made in the FIZ.

+++ The first electric motor and hydrogen-powered vehicle fleet, the controversial iDrive, progressive topic clusters such as EfficientDynamics and ConnectedDrive, and NightVision – these are just a few of the many innovations generated in the FIZ +++ We present eight forward-looking ideas +++

In the 1980s, construction of the FIZ – known at the time as the Research and Engineering Centre – marked a new direction at BMW With floor space of more than 500,000 square metres, the FIZ provided office space for technical designers, logistics, purchasing and controlling, as well as engineers and IT specialists. In 2001, it was given its current name, FIZ, for Research and Innovation Centre. Linked to the FIZ are the Aerodynamics and the Energy and Environmental Test Centres, a crash test centre and a range of engine test rigs.

BMW had been experimenting with electric motors and hydrogen-powered combustion engines since the 1970s – and in 2000/2001 it was finally ready to send its fleet of specially adapted BMW 7 Series out on the Clean Energy World Tour.

From the outset, researchers had postulated the possibility of solar hydrogen – hydrogen produced with solar energy, in other words. Just five years later, the engineers at the FIZ unveiled the first hydrogen-powered series vehicle in the world.

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