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“I live one hundred percent organic.”

Frank Weber, BMW’s new Development head, talks about his ecological lifestyle, the cars of tomorrow and rival Tesla.

Mr Weber, you’re supposedly the first real eco-enthusiast on the Board of Management of a major German automotive company. Is that true? I try to eat 100 percent organic: If that’s what you mean, then, yes, it’s true.

Did you grow up with ecologically-minded parents, or what are your motives?

No, I believe customers have power. That’s why everything clearly has to be 100 percent organic for us.

So, they never have fast food or McDonald’s?

Definitely not. We got used to it a long time ago.

And then you end up in the car industry – enemy territory for the eco-movement?

The car, in all its many facets, brings people a lot of joy, but, with my background, I certainly pay more attention to sustainability than many of the others in the industry. But it’s utter nonsense when people try to invent a conflict between premium cars and sustainability: I believe there is no premium without sustainability.

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