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At the BMW Group, green means healthy.Integrated approach to health and nutrition in the working environment.

It is certainly a very important topic for us as an employer. Health is our most valuable asset as human beings. We regard it as the basis for individual performance and personal enjoyment of life. That is why we have firmly established health-related topics in our corporate strategy as an element of social sustainability. Our vision is “best in health”, where two aspects always go hand in hand: circumstances and behaviour. Circumstances means organising the working environment in the best way possible for employee health, while behaviour is mainly about individual responsibility. We aim to convince people that it is worth living a healthy life.

Since 2013, all health and occupational safety topics at the company have been clustered in the “Working Environment and Health” department. Extensive medical examinations are one of our main levers for optimising health and the working environment. These check-ups have been conducted by the BMW Group for the past five years in conjunction with company doctors, both in Germany and overseas. The employee is also questioned about their working environment.

Dishes at our company restaurants are labelled like traffic lights, using the colours green, yellow and orange to indicate the meal’s calorific and nutritional value. The results so far have been very impressive: Compared with 2013, over 50% of diners now choose a “healthier” green meal, instead of a yellow or an orange one: That’s around 11,000 employees every day.

The Health Initiative brackets all measures and activities relating to the health and performance of our employees together. To help with this, we developed our own colour – a particularly striking green. The employees have responded very favourably: You could say they have given it the green light.

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