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Full speed ahead for e-mobility.

The BMW Group has a clear goal: to reduce CO2 emissions from our vehicles by 40 percent per kilometre driven up to the year 2030. This will require a large share of the fleet to be electrified. By 2021 e-mobiles are expected to account for a quarter of the fleet in Europe, rising to a third by 2025, and half by 2030. But for the BMW Group to achieve its goal, it will need more than just an offering of outstanding premium vehicles for customers; an adequate and intact infrastructure to support regular charging will also be needed, as well as a convincing overall package of financial and other incentives for drivers. When all of those things are in place, electro-mobility will see a rapid rise.

Meanwhile, from an environmental perspective, the CO2 savings from plug-in hybrids (PHEVS) and fully electric BEVs will need to be real, rather than just numbers. The BMW Group has optimised its products to deliver.

The BMW Group is fully aware that the more an e-mobility offering suits customers’ needs, the more likely it is to be accepted. This year the BMW Group started to use the high degree of connectivity in its vehicles to increase the share of mileage PHEV drivers cover electrically: in cities the latest generation of plug-in hybrids automatically switch to electric operations on entering designated eco-zones.eDrive Zones of this kind are found in about 80 European metropolises, with further countries and cities due to join to the list in due course.

For them, a PHEV is far more fuel-efficient than a conventional car for commuting but still offers what’s needed for spontaneous trips further afield. The BMW Group wants all of its PHEVS to be cheaper to run than comparable combustion-powered models. Based on the prices for electricity and petrol in Germany, calculations show that PHEVs can deliver cost savings of between 20 and 30 percent. Together with the direct financial incentives, to which the BMW Group is also contributing in certain markets, this makes them highly attractive to customers.

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