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From pasture to powering a BMW or MINI.

When it comes to building cars, sustainability is a major consideration for the BMW Group. Electric vehicles, in particular, should meet this standard throughout planning and production, as well as during their use phase. Every BMW electric vehicle must deliver a better carbon footprint throughout its lifecycle than a comparable vehicle with a conventional drive train – from procurement of raw materials, to supply chain and production, to the use phase and recycling. Through a partnership with the Straus Organic Dairy Farm, the BMW Group is now taking sustainability to the next level: using green power to drive its vehicles and, at the same time, reduce agricultural greenhouse gases.

As the first 100% certified organic dairy in the US, its biogas plant traps methane from cow dung and converts it into electricity with an excellent greenhouse gas balance – because methane emissions are 20 times more harmful to the climate than CO2.

Through the partnership between the BMW Group and Straus Organic Dairy Farm, electric BMW and MINIs can be charged using environmentally friendly green electricity. The collaboration will reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and, at the same time, provide drivers of electric vehicles with the cleanest fuel possible.

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