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What are the potential applications for blockchains in the automotive and mobility industry, and how could the technology make everyday life simpler for motorists? Upon hearing the word “blockchain”, many people immediately think of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is the best-known example of how this relatively new technology can be used. However, blockchains (or, strictly speaking, distributed ledger technologies – known as DLT for short) can provide an answer to a host of future questions and could also have a sustained influence on mobility in tomorrow’s world.

“Rather, it will provide us with the technical basis needed to take new approaches and create innovative solutions.” Dr. Luckow’s team is working together with specialist departments from all areas of the company to develop potential blockchain applications throughout the automotive value chain and test them out.

Blockchains are essentially a new form of database. The new technology holds great potential for the automotive and mobility industry. The hype surrounding blockchains has died down, and it is even met with occasional scepticism now. However, we remain convinced that blockchains represent a real opportunity, continues Dr. Luckow.

The successful implementation of such applications on the basis of blockchain technology very much hinges on whether cross-industry standards and ecosystems can be devised and established.

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