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The rad°hub – Time to move.

Since 2016, the rad°hub has provided a unique platform that ensures a lively exchange of views, creative moments, innovative ideas and inspiring connections. The aim of this dialogue-oriented format is to push boundaries, bring influencers with ideas together and encourage dialogue between visionary thinkers and opinion leaders from all over the world. Interdisciplinary exchange, both within and outside the company, creates a space for discussing the challenges of future mobility and developing a range of possible solutions together.

The rad°dialogue held at BMW Group Classic on 11 October brought together 50 visionaries who are already part of the rad°hub network. During the event, Peter Schwarzenbauer, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Transformation Electro Mobility handed over patronage of the rad°hub to Dr. Nicolas Peter, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Finance.

At this year’s rad°dialogue, participants work together in smaller breakout groups to develop future scenarios.

rad°hub: What key challenges are cities facing currently?

Ludwig Engel: The key challenge that our cities in western society face today is housing.

rad°hub: What major changes need to be made to get there?

Ludwig Engel: Cities are in constant flux. So the questions, what need to be changed today to make cities better and more liveable, really depends on regulations and politics that include everyone that lives in cities. So my answer would be: to make a city better, design better laws for more people to live in a good city.

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