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Collaborations for the Smart City.

For now, electric vehicles are still the exception rather than the rule. This is mainly due to poor charging infrastructure and a lack of incentives. It is for this reason the BMW Group sees collaboration with cities as a tremendous opportunity. And because electric vehicles cannot reduce congestion on their own, mobility services are another important part of the concept.

Why should I drive an electric car? The EV smile – that grin you get the first time you drive an electric car. That is why we are forming close partnerships with cities – so that we can make progress faster together and bring electromobility and mobility services to the road. Cities have to create the right conditions for people to enjoy using electric vehicles. This can and should then be used by electric carsharing vehicles as well. And to ensure that charging posts and parking spaces are immediately put to use, BMW Group subsidiary ShareNow is gradually switching its fleet to electric vehicles. This will create a major incentive for city dwellers who would prefer to drive electric in the future – in their own car or a carsharing vehicle.

Our most recent success shows that we are on the right track: By the end of the year, 550 charging posts will be newly installed across Munich, creating 1,100 charging points throughout the city. At the same time, the BMW Group is increasing the number of BMW i3 models in its Munich ShareNow carsharing fleet from 85 to 200. This is just an early success from the agreement between the BMW Group and the City of Munich. In the next stages, we would like to bring up to 1,000 electrified vehicles into the Munich fleet – while the city continues to provide incentives in the form of charging points and parking spaces. At the same time, it also makes carsharing more attractive – because easy access to parking is one of the main levers for all drive forms.

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