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The Additive Manufacturing Campus: Vehicle parts directly from the printer.

The BMW Group opened its Additive Manufacturing Campus for business. The new facility will be the central hub for production, research and training in 3D printing. The BMW Group is a leader in the field of industrial-scale 3D printing, and already produced and fitted over 300,000 “printed” components last year.

The BMW Group officially opened the new Additive Manufacturing Campus for business in Oberschleissheim, just outside Munich. The new facility, which cost around €15 million to build, will bring together production of prototype and series parts, research into 3D printing technologies, and associate training in toolless manufacturing.

The BMW Group has been using 3D printing – or additive manufacturing – for almost 30 years. Long-standing partnerships with universities and leading manufacturers in the 3D printing business, and technology scouting for industry newcomers provide access to the latest technologies.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, BMW AG Board Member Milan Nedeljković said: Additive manufacturing is already an integral part of our worldwide production system today, and an established part of our digitalisation strategy. In the future, new technologies of this kind will make production even faster and allow us to benefit even more fully from the potential of toolless manufacturing.

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