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Creating a BMW design sketch.

In this video, exterior designer Anders Thogersen shows how design sketches of new vehicles are created at the BMW Group. As an example, he creates a fascinating drawing of the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, stroke by stroke, and invites viewers to try it for themselves.

BMW Group designers usually begin the creative process of developing a new vehicle with classic hand drawings.

Future-oriented automotive design with emotive design language.

The same applies to the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe sketched by Thogersen in the video. The designer explains his sketch as he goes, starting with the wheels and then working his way up from the front of the vehicle to the flowing roof line. An elongated window graphic and shoulder line extending upwards towards the back of the car give the 2 Series Gran Coupe its expressive looks. With an angled front end and prominent shoulders, the design underlines the car’s sporty, extroverted character, while the sketch’s clever use of shading lends the side faces greater depth and expression.

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