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Meet the big, bad concept artist behind Little Red Ashe

Overwatch concept artist Qiu Fang has a knack for envisioning rugged, outdoorsy characters. Four years ago, when he was an art student with aspirations of becoming a character concept artist, Fang began a personal project depicting a ragtag group of nomadic hunters. The concepts displayed careful control of a muted color palette, precise line art, and small details of equipment and improvised technology that hinted at a world beyond the images.

“Everything in Qiu’s design seemed to have purpose and function,” says concept artist David Kang, who stumbled across Fang’s work on the portfolio website ArtStation.

Hi, Qiu! Can you share the story behind Little Red Ashe?

This was kind of my pipe dream since we started thinking about skins for Ashe.

Why Little Red Riding Hood? What part of the folk tale drew your attention?

My goal in character design is to create a sense of story and worldbuilding. Skins are a fun challenge, since you’re dealing with an existing character with a set personality. It’s fun to think about these heroes living a different life in an alternate universe.

Could you elaborate on the challenges you faced when designing this skin in particular?

There were two main challenges for this skin: finding interesting supporting visuals on the costume and deciding which angle to tackle the Big Bad Wolf from. One of the Big Bad Wolf’s chipped teeth can be found on a bracelet around Ashe’s arm...

Another challenge was to put Ashe into a red riding hood and a white dress without making it look like a cheap costume. I ended up going more for a rugged, battered look, with rips and tears and scars and a more protective leather corset. That helped connect the raw attitude of the character with the otherwise innocent white dress.

Overall, would you say you enjoyed working on this skin?

I was definitely giggling to myself a little while going through this skin.

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