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Balance Update - April 28, 2020

Update on May 6, 2020

Update on April 30, 2020 First and foremost, we hope everyone is staying safe in these unprecedented times. With that said, we wanted to take the time to provide an update on our current thoughts about the state of the game as well as our plans for the next Balance Test Mod.

TvZ After last year’s big patch, we saw a steep rise in Mech strategies followed by a steep decline. Though Bio is still the most prominent strategy for Terran, we’re seeing a slight resurgence in Mech in recent months, possibly inspired by some of the new maps. From the Zerg side, mid-game strategies seem very diverse as well.

TvP While we view TvP to be relatively even, and games tend to end less abruptly than last year, we still believe there’s room for improvement for this matchup in terms of design. For instance, even though we’re seeing fewer games that end abruptly with two-base tank pushes, a lot of the mid game gameplay still centers around the threat of this type of push, which tends to lead to one-dimensional mid games.

ZvP We’re seeing a ton of diversity from both sides in the early and mid-game stages of the matchup. From the Protoss side, we’re seeing many varied openers and small refinements to those openers. And from the Zerg side, we’re seeing greater diversity in mid-game unit composition than we’ve possibly ever seen in the history of StarCraft II.

TvT and ZvZ

Ever since the removal of the Mothership Core and its replacement with the Shield Battery, we’ve run into some stability issues with PvP. This build is also a large part of why holding a natural expansion is so difficult and the resulting games seem to be so volatile.

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