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From Zero Hour to Hero: Inside Echo’s Audio

Fighter jet. Blue. Easy-listening music. For most, seeing these listed side-by-side might prompt an eyebrow raise or a second glance. But for Geoff Garnett, senior sound designer on Overwatch? These concepts comprise the 750+ voice line-strong audio core of the game’s newest hero, Echo.

“We started with some key words and phrases that informed and directed me as I went along,” says Garnett, describing the infancy of Echo’s sound development. For her, I was told she should feel like a fighter jet; she’s the most advanced tech in Overwatch; she’s an adaptive robot. So, I was looking at her model and saw that she doesn’t really have many servos.

The servos Garnett refers to are electricity-and-gear-based motor systems that often make up the inner workings of vehicles and assembly line robots––both a far cry from Echo’s sleek, ultramodern aesthetic.

“All of her limbs are just kind of hovering,” Garnett continues, which meant that there wasn’t going to be a traditional bweep, bweep, bweep servo movement to her. It was cool and unique that she was in cinematics before, and she was gonna be a part of our announcement cinematic for Overwatch 2. So, there was a collaboration between the game team and the cinematics team to determine what she was gonna sound like in ‘Zero Hour.’

What would Bastion’s ultimate line sound like when translated into spoken word by a fellow robot?

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