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Inside Blizzard: Take Your Child to Work Day—Virtual Edition

This past Thursday was Take Your Child to Work Day, and prior to COVID-19, we were planning a big day of fun and enriching on-campus activities for Blizzard’s parents and their kids. After the company shifted to work-from-home mode, we had to get creative.

Thanks to the help of talented folks across the company, we were able to put together a cool virtual program aimed at giving Blizzard’s kids an entertaining and educational glimpse into what goes into our games.

Art Tutorials with Samwise Didier

Join veteran Blizzard artist Samwise Didier for some sketching tutorials centered on iconic Warcraft races.

Story Time with Chris Metzen

From artists and game designers, to engineers, HR professionals, and more, folks from all across Blizzard shared lessons, lectures, and tutorials designed to provide kids with insights and skills that’ll equip them for a bright future.

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