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The new Nexus Anomaly teaches Towers and Cores to be better teammates

You're minding your business beneath a friendly Tower when an enemy Hero attacks. Instead of helping, though, your Tower keeps attacking minions!

“Personally, I’ve never really felt safe under my own towers,” says Kevin Gu, a developer on the Heroes team. “Which is strange, considering there are literally cannons right next to you!”

That’s why the second Nexus Anomaly, A Call for Help, is hitting the live servers with changes that make both Towers and Cores more reliable teammates, featuring unique abilities that make them defensive forces to be reckoned with.

How would you explain the Tower change to someone who isn't excited about it yet or to a new player?

Jackson: Before, when an enemy hero attacked you under your Tower, your Tower would leave you hanging unless you killed everything else around that hero first. Now your Towers will help you out right away, which should translate into them feeling like more productive and smart members of your team.

Now that we’ve been playing with the system internally for a few months, it’s hard for me to imagine the game without it, and we hope that other players will feel the same way.

What's the backstory for how you came up with this Anomaly?

Gu: The team has been talking internally about Tower aggro [the process by which Towers select their targets] for a while now; it’s just that we have been apprehensive about introducing mechanics and systems that could draw out the length of the games. Turns out it wasn’t as bad as we feared!

This is why we removed Slows from Forts and Keeps and introduced quality-of-life improvements like Tower attack beams [which show the unit the Tower is targeting].

Any funny stories from playtests?

Jackson: Early on, we had a lot of fun moments where we would forget about the changes when making a huge Tower dive, which would often result in our more experienced players making all kinds of flashy plays...

Gu: Early on in testing there were definitely moments of, “It was at that moment he knew he messed up.”

If you were a Tower, what would you think of all these changes?

The powers-that-be are now expecting me to put more mental effort into what I’m doing, which is honestly just a big bother. Unless I’m part of the 1% and got to be born as a Kings Core, [each team’s most important and central structure,] in which case I’m pretty stoked, since the rich just got richer.

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