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Tactical Map Intel: Talsik Backlot

Remastered and brought into 2020, this classic map is just the way veterans remembered. Check out your day one Intel on Talsik Backlot.

Straight out of Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®, Talsik Backlot takes the classic Backlot design and remasters it for PC. Here’s our breakdown of Talsik Backlot, from East Street to West Street and everywhere in between:

Lay of the Land

The Kushaak construction company’s latest project is now idle in the middle of Urzikstan due to the growing conflict. Before the war, this vibrant urban community was in the middle of renovations, with its center getting a new multi-floor building.

During the evacuation, one building on the North side of town crumbled and caught fire, heightening the chaos in the region.

General Tips to Master Talsik Backlot:

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