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Choose One: Hearthstone devs reveal their favorite Wild card

There are some one-of-a-kind minds on the Hearthstone dev team. These are the folks who spent hours arguing about the number of holes in a straw, came up with a Battlecry that reads "wish for the perfect card", and orchestrated a rambunctious pep rally, complete with banners and gladiatorial chants, for their favorite Rastakhan’s Rumble teams.

Over the years the devs have come up with multitudinous ways to shenaniganize the tavern, and many of their concoctions are now only playable in Wild.

Dean Ayala, Lead Card Designer

Dean Ayala, Lead Card Designer, says his favorite Wild card is [[Aluneth]]: a Legendary Mage weapon that yields huge card-draw, but at the risk of burning through your whole deck.

“It requires a critical mass of synergy cards that might not exist in a limited card pool,” he says.

Melissa Corning, Game Producer

Game Producer Melissa Corning says [[Sylvanas Windrunner]], a Legendary 6-Cost 5/5 minion with the Deathrattle “take control of a random enemy minion,” is her multifaceted favorite.

Chadd Nervig, Senior Game Designer

Senior Game Designer Chadd Nervig’s favorite Wild card is a spell: [[Astral Communion]], an Epic Druid card that gives you maximum Mana resources but discards your hand.

Alec Dawson, Game Designer

Unlike some of our interviewees, game designer Alec Dawson makes his mind up immediately.

Stephen Chang, Game Designer

Conversely, Stephen Chang, another game designer on the team, takes his time coming to his favorite Wild card. He eventually chooses [[Emperor Thaurissan]], and adds how much fun it was bringing the powerful card-cost-reducing Legendary minion back to Standard during 2019’s “Doom in the Tomb” event.

It seems even after a card's initial design is complete, its place in the game is always evolving.

Jeremy Cranford, Senior Art Outsource Manager

How could you say no?” Cranford says.

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