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StarCraft Story Primer

Pop quiz, hotshot: are the setting and story of StarCraft part of the military sci-fi, space opera, or sci-fi horror genres? There’s a lot going on in the StarCraft universe, and it’s not always easy to keep it all straight. If you’re looking for a refresher—or just a simple way to explain StarCraft’s story to your friends—this blog has you covered.

Part 1: The Distant Past

Eons ago, the xel’naga arrived in our galaxy and kindled life on countless worlds throughout the Milky Way. Their goal: wait for two species to achieve what the xel’naga called “purity of essence” and “purity of form,” and help them ascend into a new form of life which would take the xel’naga’s place, thus restarting the cycle.

The xel’naga called this the Infinite Cycle.

Part 2: StarCraft

In the year 2259, human colony ships reach the distant Koprulu Sector. The terrans establish colonies, several political factions emerge, and, in true human fashion, everyone goes to war almost immediately. When the colony world Korhal IV rebels against the Terran Confederacy and declares its independence, the Confederacy destroys the planet via nuclear bombardment.

Rebel Yell

Not long after, the terrans get their first taste of what dangers lurk in the Koprulu Sector when zerg attack the worlds of Chau Sara and Mar Sara. The zerg attack on Chau Sara is followed by protoss warships sterilizing the entire planet from orbit, burning the zerg infestation out, along with all other life.

Overmind On the zerg hive planet of Char, the Overmind transforms Kerrigan into the infested Queen of Blades. The scheme succeeds when the zerg learn the precise location of the protoss homeworld of Aiur. Eager to assimilate the protoss and combine their purity of form with the zerg’s purity of essence, the Overmind launches a massive invasion, and after a brutal siege, Aiur falls.

The Fall The protoss Zeratul discovers that the void energies he and his outcast Dark Templar brethren wield can permanently destroy zerg brood leaders. Forging an unlikely alliance with Jim Raynor, the disgraced protoss Executor Tassadar, and Executor Artanis, Zeratul and the Dark Templar join the fight to retake Aiur. During the final assault, Tassadar makes the ultimate sacrifice, channeling void energies into his supercarrier as he rams his ship into the Overmind, utterly destroying the zerg hive mind.

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