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Cheers, love! The Overwatch Valentine’s Day special is here!

At Blizzard, we make games to bring people together, and yet it’s still such a wonderful surprise to learn of the players who stay together.

Katja and Chris

Katja talked to Chris for the very first time on that Twitch stream, and joined the artist’s Discord server afterward to continue talking to him. What made Chris stand out, Katja says, was how kind he was on an internet that wasn’t always so friendly to her. Chris, who lived in Australia at the time, says he was surprised when Katja stuck around to keep chatting after the stream.

Raisa and Jiv

Raisa and Jiv met through mutual friends on a group date at an escape room, but they tell us Overwatch is where they really fell in love. The weekend they met, Raisa watched Jiv play it and later called him at work to ask how to log in to the game.

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