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So Many Masks, So Little Time: A Look at Face Changer Sombra

An actor, clothed in vibrant, intricately embellished garb, moves synchronously with the beat of percussion-heavy music. A drumbeat and fan-flutter later, they don a crimson face that scowls at the audience; with a wave of their hand, that guise is gone, replaced by a pale, smirking mask, the edges of its lips quirked upwards in an uncanny jester’s grin.

That’s a secret the two hundred remaining Bian Lian masters—and, now, Sombra, having joined their ranks with her new legendary Face Changer skin created in celebration of the 2020 Lunar New Year—will never divulge.

The art used to be simple, with performers only changing a few faces per performance; now, most professionals can swap through more than eighteen masks in a single show.

Though in her present incarnation she glitches through visages as easily as she’s able to infiltrate organizations, allowing Sombra to don more than two faces was a feat of design and implementation for the team behind her masked magic.

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