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Battle for Azeroth, Season 4—Now Live!

Mythic Keystone Dungeons Season 4

Season 4 has a new affix—Awakened. While the Awakened affix is active, players will discover obelisks throughout the dungeon, which will pull players through the veil to the shadowy world of Ny’alotha. There, players will confront a powerful servant of N’Zoth which they must defeat or the servant will join forces with the final boss in the instance.

Reward Updates Reward Updates

PvP Season 4

Item level rewards in Random Battlegrounds have also been increased by 30. During the first week of Season 4, end-of-match rewards will be capped at item-level 445. Beginning in week 2, Challenger rank rewards will be item-level 460.

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Battle for Azeroth, Season 4 Survival Guide


Jan 20, 2020 by World of Warcraft


Battle for Azeroth Season 4 begins, January 21 and includes an all-new Affix—Awakened— for Mythic Keystone Dungeons, Heroic Difficulty Darkshore Warfront, and more.