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Cheers to Four Years: Dev Memories of Overwatch

You’ve pulled off incredible POTGs, pushed millions of payloads, booped your foes off the map and into oblivion, and danced your way into the hearts of your teammates. It’s been an incredible four years of Overwatch. For the Overwatch team, it’s also been years of ingenuity, of creating a game that is a love letter to an auspicious future in which anyone––soldiers, adventurers, scientists, oddities––can become a hero. Years of art, engineering, programming, and development to bring together millions of players worldwide and foster the creation of bonds and memories. And, since the inception of Overwatch, we’ve made countless memories of our own.

Dylan Jones, lead character technical artist:

There was a difference between the flail’s original animation concept and the current implementation of how the flail behaved in internal playtests. The design team liked how the flail was moving on the server, and we wanted to see if we could make sense of the art moving that way. We ended up deciding the motion was more like a ball-and-cup toy than an actual flail, and that helped wrap our heads around the animation.

Timothy Ford, assistant technical director:

Hanzo was the first character we made who could run on walls. This video shows how the game simulation looks before we polish it with animations, tighter timing, and visual and sound effects. Hanzo is in early development here, so I think we’re repurposing Reaper’s body animations plus a single pose for Hanzo’s first-person animations.

Jeff Kaplan, game director:

Our goal was always to announce this new game at BlizzCon 2014. As the team navigated the challenges of developing a new game, we hit all of our milestones and ended up in the unlikely position of approaching BlizzCon 2014 without even the slightest rumor of the game existing. In what was Blizzard’s possibly best kept secret, I had the honor of standing backstage with Chris Metzen as we awaited our turn to go out onto that big stage in the main hall and introduce the game for the very first time. Team 4 knew that if anyone was to announce our game, it had to be Chris.

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