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Celebrating 10 Years and Looking Forward

Today marks an incredible milestone for STAR WARS: The Old Republic, our 10 year anniversary! Our amazing journey up until this point is one many of you have taken with us, and we’re honored to have shared all these years of Star Wars adventures with all of you.

We launched on December 20, 2011 – a decade doesn’t seem all that long, but in that time, we’ve delivered nearly 300 patches and are about to release our 8th expansion.

Moreover, I’m very proud of the SWTOR team, as we’ve been together for many years, and a great number of us have been working on this game since before launch. In fact, many people on my development team are long-term veterans, and we all love this game, enjoy the camaraderie, the history together, and creating a game y’all enjoy every day.

It is rewarding to lead a group of talented people who have accomplished so much over the years, and though there have been hurdles such as adapting to the pandemic, my team has overcome them, and they continue to strive in building a great Star Wars game.

Over the last decade, many memories have been made both through the game and with our in-person events. So safety and event regulations permitting, we are laying down the groundwork to have our first Cantina in almost two years at SW Celebration in May 2022!

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