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Lap record on the Nordschleife: Audi RS 3 fastest in the compact class

Before the record-setting lap, driver Frank Stippler's team only adjusted the tire pressure in the Pirelli P Zero “Trofeo R” semi-slicks to the track conditions.

Vorsprung durch Technik: The setup for the best time

It distributes torque fully adjustably between the rear wheels – controlled via amultiple disc clutch on each of the drive shafts. During dynamic driving, it increases the drive torque to the outer rear wheel with the higher wheel load. This means that on right turns, there is more torque on the left rear wheel and the opposite on left turns. “In general, the new RS 3 is much more agile when driving from the middle of the curve to its end and when accelerating out of the curve,” said Frank Stippler.

“For me, the torque splitter is a quantum leap in terms of agile driving.” That is particularly apparent in combination with the newly developed RS Performance driving mode, which, with its own engine and transmission characteristics, is specially calibrated for the racetrack. There, the torque splitter ensures the most neutral handling possible with little oversteering or understeering in different driving situations.

Audi staff donate money for flood victims in Rhineland-Palatinate

Audi, together with its shop committee, has issued a call to its employees for donations to help flood victims. The company is also going to raise the staff’s donation to a six-figure amount.

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