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Peatland ecosystems as long-term carbon stores: Launch of the regional “CO2-Regio” feasibility study

The feasibility study aims to create a carbon offsetting mechanism through peatland conservation, humus formation and reforestation with a view to strengthening regional business cycles and promoting alternative land uses. Since the landowners are themselves responsible for maintaining their peatland and keeping it healthy, they help to protect the regional climate. The aim is to enable all local residents as well as businesses and industries to purchase these certificates, helping to promote business cycles, nature conservation and climate protection at a local level.

The feasibility study looks at a variety of measures designed to reconcile climate protection and cost-effectiveness, including cultivation methods such as paludiculture (wet agriculture and forestry), grazing on peatland, agroforestry and agriculture with different humus formation methods. But other methods such as simple peatland conservation and the combination of peatland conservation and photovoltaics are also to be investigated, taking into account their success potential, practicability, cost-effectiveness, greenhouse gas balances and legal framework conditions. The initial phase of the study aims to promote dialogue among producers and potential consumers, thereby ensuring that products like reeds, wood and bulrush are also recycled.

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