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Audi plans to cut water consumption in production in half by 2035

A biological treatment facility with a downstream ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis system collects the wastewater generated in production, purifies it, and feeds large quantities back into the plant’s water cycle. The location uses the treated water as service water, reuses it in production, or uses it to water the green spaces on the plant premises, for example.

At the Neckarsulm site, a closed water cycle is to be established between the plant and the neighboring municipal treatment facility of the Unteres Sulmtal wastewater association. Before the cycle and the associated construction of a new water supply facility can start, Audi is testing the procedure with a pilot facility. The water that returns from the treatment facility is fed into a container in the northern part of the plant premises, where it is treated for reuse in production by means of filter systems and membranes. If the tests are successful, construction of the new water supply facility is to start in 2022, and the plant is to close this water cycle from 2025.

A new service water supply center has been in use at the Ingolstadt site since 2019. The facility treats the wastewater in three stages before it can be reused as service water in production.

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