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Digital sales: Audi significantly improves its customer experience

Up-close, emotional brand experiences. We enable our customers to experience why Audi stands for the highest quality – in our products and services, in our appearance, and in the way that people are able to interact with our brand, says Sven Schuwirth, Head of Digital Experience and Business at AUDI AG. For us, a central component of this involves the interplay of physical trade, which will continue to form the backbone of our sales, complemented by simple and intuitive online services.

In addition to a central login feature, the company’s website now offers personalized information on models and services to interested parties and customers. The new website has a streamlined design that can be rapidly navigated and improves the car configuration and the connection to other online services.

Via the app, customers can access important vehicle data and digital services. Following a relaunch of the app, users now have new features to choose from: the parking and backing out process (available with select models) can be operated via a mobile device with the Remote Parking Assistant plus feature – without anyone being seated in the car. Audi developed the app update based on customer feedback so that it is now more intuitive.

New business models and technologies

Our goal is the creation of a central e-commerce platform on which customers can find all the services that they are looking for built-in – from purchasing new and used vehicles, to maintenance packages, and leasing and financing.

The online reservation tool for new and used vehicles is available in markets such as France, Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada, and Spain. For a deposit of 100 euros, customers can immediately reserve dealers’ new and used vehicles via the Audi website and with this secure their dream car. Furthermore, Audi customers can already purchase new cars and in-stock vehicles online in Germany. Audi Germany already launched its online sale of used vehicles in fall 2017.

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