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AUDI AG certified as Top Employer of 2021

Audi is a pioneer in the field of “working environment” in particular. The company received a positive rating for its flexible and individual working models such as mobile work and part-time work as well as the possibilities of taking a sabbatical. In addition, the company supports and promotes interaction among the employees, for example via digital platforms such the internal “” community.

AUDI AG is also an exemplary employer when it comes to “diversity and inclusion:” A separate Diversity department has been campaigning for more diversity in the company for a number of years, supporting both internal networks and external initiatives as part of its work.

The employer image also strengthens the reputation of the Four Rings and the attitude of the Audi employees: The Top Employers Institute is honoring the fact that we have an employer image that is updated regularly and that Audi maintains contact with the different target groups via various communication channels, explains Florian Husmann from the HR Strategy department, who is also the coordinator of the Top Employer certification at Audi.

AUDI AG meets nearly 80 percent of the 370 requirements that the Top Employer Institute specifies for employer companies. “That is an excellent result for the initial certification as compared to other employer companies,” Husmann adds.

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