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Financial year 2019: AUDI AG achieves its financial targets and sets a course for long-term competitiveness

In view of the spread of the coronavirus and in order to minimize the risk of infection for employees, contractors and guests, the Audi Group is not holding an annual press conference this year. We are in an exceptional situation for which there are no tried-and-tested solutions or simple recipes. We are focusing on protecting our employees, contractors and guests and making the right business decisions in this volatile environment, says Audi CEO Bram Schot. The company is shutting down its plants in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Belgium, Mexico and Hungary in a controlled manner by the end of this week.

With regard to the 2019 financial year, Audi CEO Bram Schot says, We can be satisfied; Audi is competitive. In a very challenging environment, we focused on our strengths and stabilized our business. Our operating return on sales was above 7 percent in each quarter of 2019 and was within our forecast corridor for the full year. The company successively reduced its WLTP inventories from the previous year and successfully launched the next stage of its product initiative in the markets.

In a declining overall market, the Four Rings ended the year with an increase in deliveries of 1.8 percent to 1,845,573 vehicles (2018: 1,812,485).

Overview of selected key figures for the Audi Group

* Figures for 2018 excluding multi-brand sales companies.

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