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Audi and Maisie Williams invite the world to “Let It Go” and embrace electric future in Game Day spot

In the ad, Williams gets behind the wheel of her Audi e-tron Sportback and finds herself stuck at an intersection, which represents a crossroads of today’s preconceptions and old notions of consumption, success, and status. Williams chooses to reverse course and leave it all behind, breaking into the familiar lyrics of “Let It Go” as she drives towards a more sustainable future. Along the way, fellow drivers, pedestrians, and others join in, representing the brand’s efforts to usher in a new era of sustainable mobility.

In this case, moving toward a more sustainable future.

Recharging Vorsprung durch Technik

This commercial is the first installment in a new global brand campaign from Audi aiming to recharge the “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Lead by Technology) tagline with new meaning.

The ad also aims to plant a firm stake in the ground about the brand's ambition to unleash the beauty of sustainable mobility. Globally, Audi plans to introduce around 30 electrified vehicles by 2025, and that is only the starting point of a reinvention that will touch many brand-relevant topics that go beyond the car itself.

Notes to Editors

Quote from 72andSunny Amsterdam "Partnering with Audi at such an exciting time for their brand and for the category is exactly the type of challenge we love”, says Rey Andrade, Executive Creative Director, 72andSunny Amsterdam. With this campaign we're looking to turn that ambition into work that takes what Audi has done so well for so long, design led and brave ideas, and put that into a fun and progressive context. At a time where people might be looking to shed out-dated conventions and ideas we are trying to bring some modernity and frankly some fun. So it was obvious that we needed to turn to the world of “Frozen and ice-cold princesses. We're looking forward to setting a standard of ambitious and progressively minded work with our new friends.

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