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Building a global community for Black girls to code

Black Girls CODE wasn’t part of Kimberly Bryant’s life plan before she founded the nonprofit in 2011. She was busy with her career as a Bay-Area-based biotech engineer when her daughter Kai, an avid gamer and middle school student, told her she wanted to learn computer science. That simple ask inspired an idea that changed the course of Bryant’s future.

“I wanted Kai to find other folks, and other girls in particular like herself, who liked the same things and liked to game,” Bryant said. Bryant saw her daughter’s passion for coding after she enrolled her in a summer coding school, and it made her start to think about all of the other Black girls who didn’t have that option.

During the event, Bryant and Vogels discussed what Bryant has learned building Black Girls CODE over the past decade, and how the global focus on racial justice presents an opportunity for equity in education. Bryant also shared how despite the pandemic—and in some ways because of it—Black Girls CODE is teaching more girls than ever before.

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Nov 06, 2020 at 11:07


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IMAGINE Nonprofit Online: Fireside chat with Werner Vogels and Black Girls CODE | AWS Public Sector


Nov 02, 2020 by AWS Public Sector


Join us for our closing session featuring Werner Vogels, chief technology officer of Amazon, and Kimberly Bryant, founder and chief executive officer of Black Girls CODE.
Speakers: Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer, Amazon, and Kimberly Bryant, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Black Girls CODE
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