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Coca-Cola and AWS reimagine the future of contactless experiences

The COVID-19 global pandemic has forced companies across industries—including the restaurant industry, one of the first and perhaps hardest hit by the pandemic—to rapidly adapt to evolving consumer behaviors, including the desire for contactless experiences. With nearly 80 of its U.S. beverage dispensers inside restaurants, the team at Coca-Cola’s Freestyle Equipment Innovation Center acted quickly to find a new way for their foodservice partners to continue to provide the beverages their guests want on a platform they love.

Our foodservice and entertainment partners are working tirelessly to create and maintain a safe environment for their guests. And while all Coca-Cola beverage dispensers are safe with recommended care and cleaning, we acted quickly when the pandemic hit to reimagine the future of the Freestyle machine and get ahead of shifting consumer needs.

From concept to cup in 100 daysTo make the experience completely contactless, Coca-Cola Freestyle worked with its longtime cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), to collaborate on a technology solution that enables users to operate the machines with their smartphones. As soon as the pandemic hit, the Coca-Cola Freestyle team was able to develop, test, and deploy software code to the machines—all while mostly working from home—just 100 days after the initial concept was complete.

The "mobile pour" solution for Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers is like having the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine’s interface right on the user’s phone.

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