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Self-published memoir picked for U.S.M.C. Commandant's Professional Reading List

The southern California sun was shining, and Dan Sheehan felt strong, so he stretched his run to nine or ten miles this Tuesday. Just as he reached home and heard “Dad, what’s for lunch?” from his son and daughter, his phone buzzed with a text from an old Marine Corps buddy: “Congrats brother!”

And there, in a tweet from 13 minutes earlier, he learned that his 2012 self-published memoir about putting his life back together after the Iraq War had just been selected for the U.S. Marine Corps Commandant’s Professional Reading List.

We profiled Sheehan—and the good that his vulnerable, raw book has done for veterans and others who've survived trauma—a few years back in a post titled "Combat veteran redefines bravery." In its summary of the book for the Commandant's list, the U.S.M.C. highlighted similar themes:

Dan Sheehan is a third-generation military flyer. He was eager to test his skills as a Cobra gunship pilot in the theatre of combat-and then he got his chance, first, in East Timor, then during two tours of duty in Iraq.

In an interview this week, Sheehan said being named to the list suddenly puts the book en masse "into the hands of the audience I was most desperate to reach."

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