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Amazon invests in the next generation of engineers

Amazon Lab126 is excited to sponsor The Tech Interactive’s annual Tech Challenge, an event that invites teams of students in grades 4-12 to use the engineering design process to solve a real-world problem. This year’s challenge, “The Ultimate Upcycle,” directs students to transform cardboard—like Amazon delivery boxes—into something useful and entirely new. In support, Amazon Lab126 will provide 1,000 students from underserved and underrepresented communities with at-home design kits to help them participate in the challenge. The kits include items such as safety glasses, electrical and masking tape, string, hole punches, and canary cutters. For the safety of students, this year’s event will be virtual. All sponsored kits will be distributed through community partners like Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Breakthrough Silicon Valley.

The Tech Interactive is a student science and technology center in the heart of Silicon Valley that aims to develop the next generation of problem solvers through year-round interactive programming. With Amazon’s support, this year’s Tech Challenge will help more students participate and access the resources they need to build their skillsets in STEM fields, especially those in underserved communities.

This challenge will take place over several months as students design, build, and test their projects.

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