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How we ramped up onsite COVID-19 testing for Amazon employees

Editor's note: Back in March—after Amazon had already implemented social distancing and invested in masks, gloves, enhanced cleaning, and many other health and safety measures—company leaders asked themselves, “Could we do more?” They knew that testing would be an important tool, and that supply would probably be tight, so they decided to pursue in-house COVID-19 testing—even though Amazon had no expertise in medical diagnostics. A small crew filmed the drive to make that vision a reality, and we're releasing videos now in hopes of inspiring those at other companies and institutions. We’re committed to helping NGOs, governments, and other companies by sharing details and best practices, and our teams are standing by to share more about what we’ve learned.

"Think big, think unconstrained, follow the science" is how Muge Erdirik Dogan, Vice President of Amazon Flex+Hub Worldwide, summed up the guiding principles that launched the testing project.

Erdirik Dogan, who has been at Amazon for 13 years, was brought on to the project because of her track record as a builder and her grit when faced with challenging tasks. She sprinted to help assemble the wide range of Amazon employees needed to get labs and testing sites running as fast as possible.

Speaking in the early weeks of the team's work, Jeff Wilke, CEO Worldwide Consumer, said, If we can build lab capacity and testing capacity that adds to the capacity that's available in the world, then we have made the world a safer place. I can't imagine anything more rewarding in this time of crisis.

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"Could we do more?" (episode 1 of Amazon's "The Test")


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