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Amazon’s vision for Alexa and customer trust

Anne Toth recently joined the Alexa Trust team at Amazon We had the opportunity to connect with Anne to learn more about the team and how they think about customer trust, as well as her past experience working in technology.

Q: You recently joined the Alexa Trust team, but have a long history of working in technology. Is there anything you’ve learned since joining Amazon that has surprised you?As an Alexa customer myself, I came to this job knowing how helpful Alexa is. But the breadth and scope of what Alexa is capable of was something I don't think I truly understood before joining the team. Customers with mobility impairments have shared stories about how they use Alexa's voice features with smart home devices to manage their entire household.

The future we envision for Alexa is not possible unless we earn and continually re-earn our customers' trust in us. For me, the best part about working on the Alexa Trust team is helping to realize the potential for Alexa to not just be useful, but to help earn the right to be essential to the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Q: On accessibility, how do you think about making technology that is accessible and useful to all?Earlier in my career, back in the early days of the web, the company I was with received feedback from blind customers that our products were not compatible with their screen reader software.

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