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AI advances make Alexa more natural, conversational, and useful

2020 has been an extremely challenging year. As I reflect on the recent months, it is deeply gratifying to see that Alexa is helping our customers in these difficult times by making it easier for them to connect with friends and family, stay informed, and find more reasons to smile. What makes me extremely proud is how our teams have found ways to invent on behalf of our customers.

Alexa already uses similar self-learning to automatically correct her mistakes by learning from customer feedback. To do this, Alexa uses machine learning to determine whether your request can be a trigger for a teachable moment. If Alexa makes this determination, Alexa will ask you for information that helps her learn. As an example, when reading the latest best seller, Alexa won’t automatically know that my preferred setting is 40% brightness when I ask, "Alexa, set the light to Rohit’s reading mode." With interactive teaching, Alexa learns these definitions and associated actions instantaneously, and they are stored only for your account for future use.

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