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How Alexa can help your family stay organized this school year

This fall, millions of teachers, students, and families are beginning what will undoubtedly be the least traditional back-to-school moment they've experienced. Parents have to find new ways to balance their work, virtual learning for their children, mental load, and the other things that keep the household running.

Keep the family on trackBuild a school schedule with Alexa BlueprintsIt’s challenging at times to stay on-schedule while kids are not in their usual classroom environment. The new Alexa School Schedule Blueprint can help your student stay on track and setup is easy! Simply visit the Alexa Blueprints website and open up the School Schedule Blueprint template.

"Alexa, enable the focus time Routine"Sometimes your household may need a little assistance managing its time and Alexa Routines are the perfect helper. With the featured Focus Time Routine, say “Alexa, start focus time" and Alexa will keep a study session on track by playing 30 minutes of focus music.

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